Radical, nationalist and extreme right groups and parties met and interviewed include

  • Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordic Nazi Party), Party Leader Simon Lindberg
  • Sweden Democrats, Magnus Ollson, Sweden
  • The Swedes’ Party, Leader Daniel Höglund, Sweden
  • Det Fria Sverige, Magnus Søderman and Dan Eriksson, Sweden
  • True Finns, Jussi Halla-aho MEP, Finland
  • NPD, Udo Voigt, Florian Stein, Germany
  • AfD, Petr Byrstron Germany
  • Generation Identitaire, Leader Pierre Larthi, France
  • Front National, Philippe Martel, advisor to Marine Le Pen, France
  • Riposte Iaïque / Resistance Republicaine, Pascal Hilout and Guy Sauvage, France
  • L’Œuvre française, Yvan Benedetti, France (banned fascist party)
  • English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, United Kingdom
  • National Front, chairman Tony Martin, United Kingdom
  • UKIP: Nigel Farage, Anne Marie Waters, David Kurten, Peter Whitle, United Kingdom
  • Britain First, Paul Golding, United Kingdom
  • GB Liberty, Paul Weston, United Kingdom
  • Pegida UK, Tommy Robinson, Paul Weston and Anne Marie Waters
  • BNP, Nick Griffin, United Kingdom
  • Vlaams Belang, Sam Van Rooy, Belgium
  • Golden Dawn, Georgious Epitideos MEP and Andreas Giallourides (aide in the European Parliament), Greece
  • Fidesz, György Schöpflin, MEP and Zoltan Kovacks, official spokesperson for Viktor Orban, Hungary
  • Jobbik, Márton Gyöngyösi, Hungary
  • SPD, Jiri Kobza, Czech Republic
  • Claudio Borghi, Head of Lega Nord in Tuscany
  • Former Ulster Volunteer Force member, Various former IRA-members,
  • Republican Sinn Fein (who are on the US terror list), Northern Ireland/Ireland
  • Danish Peoples’ Party, Leader of parliamentary group, Peter Skaarup and Morten Messerschmidt MEP, Denmark
  • Nye Borgerlige, Party Leader Pernille Vermund, Denmark
  • Stram Kurs, Party Leader Rasmus Paludan, Denmark
  • Dansk Samling, Morten Uhrskov Jensen, Denmark
  • Michael Jalving, national conservative blogger, Denmark
  • Kim Møller, national conservative blogger, Denmark
  • Kasper Støvring, National conservative blogger, Denmark
  • Generation Identitær, Spokesperson Aurelija Aniulyte, Denmark
  • Blood & Honour, Brian (second name not public for security reasons) Denmark
  • DNSB (Nazi party), Brian (second name not public for security reasons) Denmark
  • Danskernes Party (The Danes’ Party), Leader Daniel Carlsen, Denmark
  • The Nordic Ressistance Movement, the three leaders in Denmark

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